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A specialist life coaching focused on optimizing relationships.

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business marriage family sport’s teams.

Our laser-focus:

addresses cause, liberating the capacious mind

not managing symptoms.

12free  serves the Australian community by setting people free from the ties of unhealthy beliefs to become free in the truth of who they were created to be; in worth, value, energy, passion, purpose and destiny. This enables us all to relate freely and confidently with ourselves and others, liberating fun and laughter, multiplying capacity and variety to life.

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We enter the world with no beliefs and quickly assimilate beliefs about ourselves and our environment as a result of our inter-relationship with the world. From just prior to birth to approximately the age of 12 years, the beliefs we create for ourselves are generally not challenged by ourselves.

Beliefs act like gears in the machine of our unconscious mind producing outcomes. Change just one gear (belief) and immediately the unconscious mind, acting on the new belief, produces a different outcome.

mind cogs

Our beliefs drive our perception of reality, our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical state, our physiology and ultimately, our behaviours.

Unhealthy beliefs are the #1 cause of mental health and well-being issues producing numerous symptoms. In 2007, 1 in 5 adults experienced mental health issues within a year (Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics 2007). And poor mental health is on the rise despite the address from relevant agencies and professionals in the field focussing on symptoms management.

We at 12free focus on the causes of ill mental health and poor well-being, and not the symptoms. Symptoms do need to be managed, but like an assembly line creating a problem, the cause has to be isolated and repaired to overcome the symptoms further down the assembly line.

The Formation of Beliefs

Generous love, truthful words and encouragement during these formative years, of which are all free, produces healthy beliefs about ourselves. Such beliefs produce a positive outlook and connection with others and our environment. Such resourceful beliefs also contribute to the delivery of health and vitality to the body in many ways via the mechanisms in the unconscious mind where our beliefs reside. Energy, capability, passion, purpose, healthy relationships, fun and a love for life are symptoms of a healthy belief system.


Opposite to this, imperfect love, abuse, careless words and traumatic experiences during these formative years in particular, has a way of us creating lies and unresourceful beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. This leads to fear and the need to erect internalized barriers to protect ourselves. Unfortunately, these barriers also close ourselves in from becoming as capacious as we could be. Thoughts of worthlessness, uselessness and, even worst of all, suicide can form. Added to that, the unconscious mind also downloads, in response to such beliefs, hormones that generate ill-felling, worry, stress, anxiety and depression. Sadly, unhealthy beliefs create numerous symptoms of incapacity and fears which have an accumulated negative effect on the body, causing normal systems to break-down long-term.

For the mentally healthy person, there is much clarity around their beliefs and values. Healthy beliefs carry with them healthy emotions so they are easily accessed by the conscious mind from the unconscious mind. Unhealthy beliefs, however, can have some very painful emotions attached. These and associated memories are often repressed to various degrees and so not easily retrieved by the conscious mind. As a result, an individual may not know why they behave or react in a certain way, not able to easily access their related beliefs.

Help with Belief Renewing has Arrived

A recent development out of research into neuro-science and how the brain works behaviourally has been Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). Simply put, brain-language coding. It’s the application of the methodology the brain uses to code itself to free the brain from un-useful coding and replace it with more helpful coding which generates appropriate behaviours and a more broader, capacious mind.

mind gears

Through the brain’s ability to quickly make associations, beliefs are created from a young age. Our beliefs are what we tell ourselves about new situations. Generalizations are then made for the adoption to other circumstances. Our brain’s Reticular Activating System (RAS) acts like radar, scanning for evidence in our environment to confirm our beliefs.

NLP practitioners use the individual’s body and verbal language to identify limiting belief code and change the code/belief to a more resourceful one. The unconscious mind, with the new code/belief, instantaneously downloads more resourcefully for the individual, enabling them more freedom in their options in life.

The Impact on Our Nation

Two significant areas where our beliefs have impact on our Nation are in families and schooling.

1. Families –

Families are the building blocks of our Nation. Mentally healthy families are more likely sustainably connected and optimally capacious micro-communities engendering love, unity, stability and offspring that inter-relate with and contribute to society in positive ways that progress our Nation.

Modelling is fundamental in families. The “like mother, like daughter” cliché is true in many ways. Parents not only pass on physical traits, but personality, spiritual and emotional traits and beliefs to their children.

family 1

The proverb that “You cannot give what you haven’t received” has powerful connotations in families. Parents cannot give to their children what they do not possess themselves. And if they are carrying into the marriage unresourceful beliefs, its likely partners will engage conflict and also model such to their children.

We at 12free believe that unresourceful beliefs are the prime cause of marriage break-ups, snowballed from poor role-modelling in the home where as children, they develop unresourceful beliefs about themselves that they carry into marriage. The statistic of divorce in Australia is a staggering 50% for first marriages and 75% for second marriages. And its on the rise. People aren’t clearing their unresourceful beliefs before they re-marry.

We at 12free are very passionate about sustainable marriages for the health of our Nation. We have developed expertise through our wing to assist married couples and couples considering marriage to rid themselves of unresourceful beliefs and to create a loving and sustainably enduring relationship for life better than they thought.

2. Schooling –

Schooling is recognized as the ‘seed-bed’ of our Nation. It is the Nation’s investment in its economy and wealth. A large proportion of the Budget pours into Education for the advance of Australia.

Every Australian likes to know their hard-earnt money is well spent. We want value; that every dollar to returns the highest yield.

Our Nation is undergoing rapid change. We are in rapid decent on the back of instability in the home. Family breakdown is creating a snow-balling effect on our younger generation as a result of assimilating unhealthy personal beliefs and the resultant impact in the classroom.


Symptoms of unhealthy personal beliefs in our schools are surfacing, negatively affecting one’s concentration, performance, inter-relationships, disciplines, and perceptions of hope and a future.

Despite continual efforts to invent contemporary programs to turn the ‘ship’ around by addressing symptoms, adverse momentum continues.

We at 12free are passionate for the advance of our Country and the condition of it’s youth. We believe in addressing the cause of the numerous unwanted symptoms in our education system – unresourceful beliefs.

A specifically developed arm of 12free called focuses on NLP belief-change methodology to re-instill healthy beliefs in individuals, enabling them to have personal worth, value, focus, hope and purpose, all which drive energy and passion, invigorating contribution to society and the wealth of Our Nation, Australia.

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