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Following completing his HSC in 1975, Stephen received a scholarship to become a high school teacher through the University of NSW, graduating in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science and Diploma of Education.

A diverse 24 years of full-time teaching followed in both State and Private, co-ed, comprehensive and selective high schools.

The heart of the students was always Stephen’s concern. Whilst an Advanced Skills Teacher, he focused on assisting student outcomes through delivering Learning Styles concepts and training across the school. Extra-curricular activities such as Inter-School Christian Fellowship (ISCF), sporting teams, weekend camps and Duke of Edinburgh Award Program involvement were lead to build students up holistically for their welfare and to serve our Nation with capacity.

The care of a critically ill family member took Stephen out of full-time teaching and into industry in 2003 where he worked as a crew technician, and later also as shift OH&S representative, for Kimberley Clark’s (KCA) high-speed manufacturing mill producing “Huggies” nappies.

Stephen laughs, thinking his work was for a different seat of understanding. During his time in industry, Stephen continued teaching casually, adding K-6 as well as high school (Yrs 7-12) experience to his cap as he loved to draw out the best in children.

In 2012, Stephen left KCA for full-time study to further his ability to help people, young and old, to reach their potential. He studied a Cert IV and Diploma in Life Coaching at arguably the most rigorous institution in Australia, The Coaching Institute (TCI) in Melbourne, picking up every option he thought would bring freedom to realizing people’s capacity.

And in particular, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), the ability to work with a persons brain to remove unhealthy code (beliefs) and replace it with resourceful beliefs, gave Stephen the answers to many problems he saw in his students, his friends and even himself.

He successfully sought accreditation as an NLP Practitioner, then Master Practitioner and finally NLP Trainer and has delivered training and over 250 hours coaching experience in his business ’12free’ to date.

Alloyed with training and accreditation as a Counsellor with Healing Rooms Australia, Stephen carries some new laser-sharp equipment in his toolbox to effectively serve his community into the freedom and realization of their potential.

Stephen’s two passions for our Nation’s strength are in stable families and optimizing schooling. He has tailored his training and experience to best serve individuals, pre and post-married couples and the learning environment where he  delivers seminars to school year groups and training workshops to teaching staff.

Based in beautiful Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia, Stephen is available to engage at distance using our communications technology for individuals and marriages. He travels to deliver workshops and seminars.

You might like to make an inquiry of Stephen now via ask@12free.net.au. Thank you.

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