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Free2achieve is the student-focussed arm of 12free Life Coaching Services.

Through the assistance of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), access to the liberation of limiting beliefs that drive numerous symptoms of poor mental health, unresourceful behaviours and poor outcomes is now available as a result of the latest global research in brain-science.


The realization of student potential is the “holy grail” for all teachers and Principals. The desire to write on a student’s report “Excellent result. A conscientious and diligent student working to his/her potential. A pleasure to teach.” is less present on reports as a result of the rise of unstable families and a movement away from a sense of God.

The years of development for a child from 0 – 12 years in the home, their most critical for forming healthy beliefs about themselves and their world, are less commonly  today environments of love, value, stability in the immediate and wider family and positive role models in today’s society.  First marriage divorce is around an alarming 50%.

Children and youth are coming to school with numerous distractions as coping mechanisms, symptoms of managing in the environment in which they live, not able to focus and perform their best. Mental health issues are on the rise. In 2007, 1 in 5 reported a problem with poor mental health in that year alone and more recently reported at 1 in 4. (Source: 2007 Australian Bureau of Statistics.) 


These unhelpful symptoms have been the focus of many agencies to assist with management to produce more resourceful outcomes.

As supportive as such strategies are, they at best manage symptoms of poor mental health without removing the cause. Whilst an individual’s beliefs remain unaltered, the best management is unsustainable, ongoing and uneconomical. 

Beliefs are like gears in the complex machine of the unconscious mind. Just one belief change has an immediate impact on the unconscious mind and its delivery on thinking, perception of self and others, emotion and behaviour. 

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Key Lessons from Industry

Much can be learnt from industry of how outcomes and productivity can be optimized.

1. In Agriculture, ground preparation is the #1 most important activity in the crop cycle to optimize yield.

2. In hospitals, surgeons focus on the root cause of symptoms whilst nurses best manage symptoms.

3. Fruit growers don’t keep cutting off bad fruit from an unhealthy tree each harvest season. They remove the tree by the roots and replace the tree.

4. In Manufacturing, technicians, on identifying a problem on an assembly line, quickly focus on locating the cause using analytical trouble-shooting strategies. The cause is usually found further up the assembly line from the presenting symptom.

In each of thee scenarios, the focus to optimizing outcomes is on good preparation and cause resolution.


The same should be so in education; preparation of the mind and the removal of unresourceful limiting beliefs that drive subsequent thinking and behaviours are paramount for realizing the potential in individuals, and the progress and wealth of our Nation.

What Does Free2achieve Do?

Free2achieve runs:

  • student cohort seminars to initiate transforming belief-change that produces healthy self-image, engagement instead of reaction, purpose in their identity, clarity and focus on their studies, and ultimately a shift towards a more positive contribution to society.
  • teaching staff to assimilate basic NLP processes, role modelling strategies and perpetual encouragement to reinforce healthy beliefs in the students they teach.
  • parents evenings to inform of the dangers of unhelpful talk which contributes to unresourceful belief assimilation in their children and to assist parents tool up with strategies to reinforce the development of resourceful beliefs.

A holistic approach that trains staff and parents to reinforce what the students learn provides the optimum results.

What’s Your Next Move?

Contact Stephen at to plan a tailored workshop and/or seminar in your school. Your School Community will never be the same – so much potential to be realized.

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