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Stephen is passionate about ‘top-shelf’ sustainable relationships no matter what the environment. They may be in friendships, marriages, family, neighbours, the workplace, social groups, sporting teams, whatever.

Our ability to relate in a quality manner is a measure of how free we are of our own personal unhealthy beliefs about ourselves and how we see others around us.

It is highly liberating to be free of unhealthy beliefs that enables us to inter-relate at elevated levels, producing

  • great communications,
  • responsive performance,
  • a capacity to assimilate the contributions of others,
  • capacious thinking;

all assisting the production of excitable and progressive goals; the spice of life.

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No one prepares for a beautiful wedding day thinking the marriage will end up less than good. Sadly, today, 50% of first marriages end up in divorce and 75% of second marriages.

And there’s no correlation between dollars spent on a wedding and the success of the marriage. This is because couples have gone into marriage not clearing unresourceful beliefs that surface up under tension. Call them closet skeletons, baggage or buttons. They force themselves out into the open when pressure mounts. And we can’t completely avoid that.

Stephen’s Master training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) provides him with the latest laser-sharp tools to help teams, whether pre/post married couples or company groups, to effectively work through individual limiting beliefs that thwart the nurturing of successful relationships and capacious thinking for common missions and objectives.

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Don’t wait until the wheels fall off or the pain levels become unbearable. At the first notice of shaking in the steering wheel, get help. Better still, invest in a regular service so the wheel alignment and wheel nuts remain tight in your top-shelf to-die-for marriage, team and working relationships.

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Stephen writes a fortnightly blog on caring relationships and loving extravagantly on this site. Feel free to link up to challenge and sharpen your own relationships.

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